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ZOO Gdańsk

ZOO Gdańsk

The ZOO Gdańsk in one of the largest zoological gardens in Poland. It's an attractive place for recreation and education in Gdańsk, visited annually by hundred of thousands of tourists and residents. We were asked to prepare a new graphical identity fot this institution.


Art Direction: Adam Chyliński, Paulina Kozicka
Design: Paulina Kozicka
Design support: Anna Holik, Weronika Cyganik, Basia Kowal
Business: Daniel Naborowski
Client: The ZOO Gdańsk
Realization: 2021


brand identity system
design of promotional materials


The main logo is based on the form of the lion's footprint. The lion is a very special symbol for the City of Gdańsk, because two lions appears at coat of arms of the city for nearly 550 years. So, for that reason we based the idea of the ZOO Gdańsk brand on lion's footprint.


Whole branding is complemented by colors based on natural and African-style like orange, green and black. Moreover, various animal footprints are also the main idea for basic Key Visual and all promotional materials.