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The Last Judgement | branding

The Last Judgement | branding

The Last Judgement by Hans Memling is one of the most interesting and precious art pieces in Poland. This full of symbols triptych from 15th century can be found in the collection of National Museum in Gdańsk. Our task was to create a visual identity for the "The Last Judgement" triptych’s promotional campaign, with modern and universal language for marketing communication.


Art direction: Adam Chyliński
Design: Zuzanna Zamorska
Business: Daniel Naborowski
Consultancy: Małgorzata Posadzka / National Museum in Gdańsk
Art history consulting: dr hab., prof. Marcin Kaleciński / Institute of Art History at the University of Gdańsk
Client: National Museum in Gdańsk
Realization: 2018


visual strategu
brand identity system
design of promotional materials


A dedicated typeface was preapred as a part of the project. The final form of the font is based on Texture – a type of Blackletter characteristic to the 15th century Western Europe. Consequently, the font reflects a period of time when Memling created The Last Judgement. In order to increase the readability of the sign, the lettering was modified.


The sign was extended to the series of icons represent selected elements from the triptych and communicate them in a modern graphical language. This approach allowed an easy and accesible transfer of the elements to promotional tools such as: briefcases, mugs, bags, tickets, cards, t-shirts and other gadgets.