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The Last Judgement | campaign

The Last Judgement | campaign

The main purpose of the campaign was to increase local awareness about the Hans Memling’s „The Last Judgement” – full of symbols triptych from the 15th century – and the fact that it can be found in the collection of National Museum in Gdańsk. The primary objective of the project’s visual identity was creation of a modern and universal language for marketing communication.


Art direction: Adam Chyliński
Scenario: Daniel Naborowski
Screenplay: Daniel Naborowski, Adam Chyliński
Consultancy: Małgorzata Posadzka / National Museum in Gdańsk
Storyboard: Tofu Studio
Director of photography: Mateusz Macur
Aerial shots: Armada Film, Aero Lab
Actress: Berenika Godlewska
3D: Astro, Tofu Studio
Make up: Agnieszka Wolska
Color correction: Tofu Studio
Montage: Tofu Studio
Music: Stefan Wesołowski
Vocals: Aleksandra Zawada, Paweł Zawada, Maja Siemińska, Stefan Wesołowski / Recorded live at Church of the Holy Trinity in Gdańsk
Sound: Piotr Kaliński
Ambients: Fundacja Gdańska, ARTE Metal Design
Art history consulting: dr hab., prof. Marcin Kaleciński / Institute of Art History at the University of Gdańsk
Business: Daniel Naborowski
Production: Tofu Studio
Client: National Museum in Gdańsk
Realization: 2017–2018


visual strategy
logo & brand identity system
color correction
design of promotional materials


The entire concept was based on an exposition of the golden sphere, which upraises Jesus Christ and is located in the middle of the triptych. The sphere can symbolise the absolute, which descended to the earth to appear in our everyday life.


In the first stage the project a teaser campaign was implemented. The keynote of the teaser campaign was a golden sphere created in 3D and rendered on a red background with National Museum in Gdańsk logo on a side. The golden sphere was displayed through many communacation channles: citylights, poster pillars and social media for about 2-3 weeks.


The second part of the campaign was supossed to explain the whole concept. In the explanatory part of the campaign, the golden sphere was transferred and incorporated into various, highly recognazible locations in Gdańsk as a set of visuals. The main communication channels used in the explanatory part of the campaign were outdoor channels: citylights, poster and billboards.


In the initial stage of the campaign a tram covered in golden foil was running through the city on selected routes. The golden tram was welcomed in an extremly positive way by Gdańsk citizens and has received outstanding public and media interest.


During holiday season a model of golden sphere with diameter of 2,5 meters was placed in the Old Town of Gdańsk. The sphere was frequently photographed by tourists and Gdańsk residents.


As a part of the activities following the campaign, a promo of the Hans Memling’s triptych was prepared. The video was created using various modern audio-visual technologies. The shoot took 8 days and post-production over a half year. The music was composed by a recognized composer form Gdańsk Stefan Wesołowski. The soundtrack was recorded live in Church of the Holy Trinity in Gdańsk.


As a part of the supporting activities, social media profiles dedicated to „The Last Judegement” were created. Communaction on facebook and instagram was supposed to present the history and uniqueness of Hans Memling’s triptych.


After the official premiere, which took place in one of the cinemas in Gdańsk, the promo was widely commented by local and world media. Both the campaign and the video were awarded in over 50 competitions around the world.