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National Museum in Gdańsk

National Museum in Gdańsk

After many years, one of the most prominent Polish cultural institutions – The National Museum in Gdańsk – have decided to open a new chapter and carry out a complete visual makeover. We were very excited to be part of this change as a creative team.


Idea: Weronika Cyganik, Anna Małecka, Anna Holik, Adam Chyliński, Daniel Naborowski
Art Direction: Weronika Cyganik, Anna Małecka, Adam Chyliński
Design: Weronika Cyganik, Anna Holik
Motion: Basia Kowal
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550 (1788)
Music montage: Stefan Wesołowski
Business: Daniel Naborowski
Client: National Museum in Gdańsk
Realization: 2022–2023


visual strategy
logo system
brand identity system
design of promotional materials

Our goal was both simple and challenging: creating an unobtrusive brand identity that is highly adjustable, flexible and resistent to constantly changing trends. A frame for the vast variety of artistic and historical collections of all the units of the Museum.

The main logo is a base for an open logo system, adjusting its form to all current and any future institution of the National Museum in Gdańsk.


Key visual is strongly related to the idea of a logotype. The elements of the logo creates a flexible frame, adjusting its form to the vast variety of the Museum's historical collections and adapting to different formats. Our objective was to create a system that will be organized enough to systematize all the materials of the Museum, yet modest enough not to overwhelm with its form so the very first role is given to the art depicted.


We have also prepared a short video showing the backstage of the project.