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Golden Hits Radio

Golden Hits Radio

Radio Złote Przeboje (Golden Hits) is a radio station celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022. On this occasion, we've prepared a totally new brand strategy and visual communication, focused on emphasizing the modern, energetic nature of the radio.


Art Direction: Ania Holik
Design: Ania Holik, Ania Małecka, Weronika Cyganik, Basia Kowal, Marcin Chyliński, Adam Chyliński
Strategy: Ola Powałowska, Ania Holik, Adam Chyliński, Anna Justka, Daniel Naborowski
Copy: Ania Holik, Ania Małecka, Weronika Cyganik, Krystian Tyrański, Adam Chyliński, Daniel Naborowski
Consultancy: Anna Justka, Marta Starosta
Business: Danile Naborowski
Client: Grupa Radiowa Agora
Realization: 2022


brand identity system
design of promotional materials
print production


The new logo is an interpretation of the slogan "Radio that catches the ear" (a Polish phrase meaning an interesting sounding radio station). Simple geometric shapes in an unobtrusive and abstract way illustrate music and its way to reach the listener.


Key Visual is based on a strong, characteristic signet and waves symbolizing music and positive energy.


One of the tasks related to this rebranding was to prepare a campaign introducing the new image of the Radio. In addition to digital and OOH materials, we've created a campaign slogan: GOOD FOR EVERYTHING (pl: Dobre na wszystko), aimed at reminding listeners that Radio Złote Przeboje is always nearby, accompanying you in everything you do during your day. The claim is flexible and can transform into many alternative forms, such as "Good for the party", "Good for the road", "Good for boredom", "Good for the whole day".