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Gdynia Literary Prize

Gdynia Literary Prize

The Gdynia Literary Prize (Polish: Nagroda Literacka Gdynia) is a Polish literary prize, which is awarded annually to the authors of the best books published in the previous year in Poland. Our studio was asked again to prepare a complete image renewal of graphic identity of the next edition for 2023, including all visual and promotional materials.


Idea: Weronika Cyganik, Adam Chyliński, Daniel Naborowski,
Art&Design: Weronika Cyganik
Photography: Beata Czurakowska
Color Correction: Adam Chyliński
Montage&Animation: Marcin Chyliński
Music: Paweł Osicki
Design Support: Ola Misztela, Krystian Tyrański
Cube Production: YETI POS design and production
Business: Agnieszka Wojkowska, Daniel Naborowski
Client: Nagroda Literacka Gdynia / The City of Gdynia
Realization: 2023

Photo documentation of the event: Anna Rezulak


visual event branding
design of promotional materials
promotional video/spot


This year, we decided to focus on the multidimensional nature of literature. The symbol of this idea became the cube shape, which also refers to the shape of the award/statuette itself. In addition to the graphic motif of the typographic cube, we also used photography to create and document our installation in various spaces of the City of Gdynia.


The concept of visual identity of this year's edition was largly based on photograpy. We created a physical object – a cube made of mirror steel material, which reflected the surroundings and created a multi-dimensional illusion of space. Next, we photographed the cube in recognizable, important spots of the city of Gdynia: City Beach, Gdynia Seaport, Sea Towers, Gdynia Film Centre, The Dar Pomorza Ship (En: Gift of Pomerania), Marina, Emigration Museum, Gdynia Aquarium. We wanted to expand our design with activities happening in real space, going beyond the sphere 3D modelling only.

promo video

We also created the NLG (En: Gdynia Literary Prize) promotional spot, showing the cube in different city locations.

The visual identity of the festival was also a significant visual element of the awards ceremony and author meetings.

making of