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Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture (GAK) is a local-government cultural institution, founded in 1967 in the City if Gdańsk. From the beginning it conducts extensive artistic and educational activities. Today, GAK in its structure collects 11 intermediate institutions, located in various different districts in the city. Our task was to prepare the process of rebranding of the whole institutional structure.


Art Direction: Anna Małecka
Design: Anna Małecka, Berenika Godlewska, Adrian Samselski
Design support: Krystian Tyrański
Motion: Adam Chyliński
Music: Stendek
Business: Daniel Naborowski
Client: Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture (GAK)
Realization: 2019–2020


logo system
brand identity system
design of promotional materials
print production


The main logo GAK was based on simple and strong logotype properly positioning GAK as the superior institution. To distinguish lower position in the branding of the GAK organization, all logos of subordinate institutions were based on the same supported by simple graphical forms (signets) referencing to specialization of the specific institution. Thanks to that, we got a full and homogeneous visual branding system.